Radiation Shielding


  • More effectively position mass in path of radiation source to achieve lowest weight per unit of shielding.
  • Install in seconds by using the “slip-over-the component” feature, integral fasteners and/or magnets.
  • Advance ALARA program goals by adding these highly effective shielding materials to shielding tool box.
  • Lead alternative – No mixed waste
  • Ideal for small bore piping
  • Mold to any shape
  • Easily cut for in field adjustments
  • Efficient placement of shielding closest to source
  • Rated for continuous use up to 350°F/176°C




T-Flex® Shielding

Ribbon Wrap

Highly flexible strips. These ribbons can be spiral wrapped around components for a quick “hot spot” solution. Standard length is 8 feet and material can be easily cut in the field using typical cutting tools

T-Flex® Shielding

Pipe Shields

Ideal for small bore pipe applications. Engineered to be within weight limitations while maximizing attenuation. Cinch straps are include for each section of pipe shielding.

T-Flex® Shielding

Floor Shielding

Designed to provide economical and ergonomic solutions for shielding sources below. Each tile combines the attenuation properties of T-Flex® with the durability of a work mat. They also can be cut for in field adjustments. The floor shielding features a non-slip diamond tread surface

  • Dry Cask Platforms
  • Scorpion Platforms
  • Refuel Bridge
  • RCP Platform

T-Flex® Shielding


Magnetic tiles cling to any carbon steel surface allowing for a variety of applications. Each tiles installs easily and quickly and is removed by pulling a D-ring. They are available with magnets strong enough for use under RX head.

T-Flex® Shielding


An alternative to lead blankets, similar attenuation characteristics without the lead hazard. T-Flex Blankets can be cut in the field using a utility knife, but can stand up to normal wear and tear. Increased flexibility over a standard lead blanket allows for wrapping shielding closer to the source and easier handling characteristics.

T-Flex® Shielding


The non-toxic T-Flex® Beaker and Vial Shields provide a convenient method of reducing extremity dose when using radioactive solutions in laboratory environments. Transport and store beakers and vials either on an individual basis or all together in a rolling case.

T-Flex® Shielding


The silicone base for T-Flex allows for complex and custom shapes. Custom molded shapes allows the shielding to get nearest to the source as possible and be more effective at reducing the overall dose.

T-Flex® Shielding

Dry Cask-composite

T-Flex® dry cask composite shielding is designed to tackle both neutron and gamma sources associated with dry cask operations. T-Flex is an excellent gamma and neutron attenuator and this shielding is supplemented by an additional neutron attenuator such a borated polyethylene.

Gamma Attenuation

Gamma Attenuation by type of material

The physics of gamma radiation shielding and the attenuating impact of available shielding materials can be distilled down to “mass-in-the-path”. For gamma energies approaching Cobalt-60 (1.25 MeV), achieving 50% attenuation or half-value-layer (hvl) will have very similar weights per unit area. What will vary is the thickness of the material necessary to achieve the desired attenuation.

Reasons To Choose T-FLEX

Highly Flexible

Infinitely Customizable

Corrosion Resistant

Lead (Pb) Free

High suction rate

Types Of T-Flex®

Lead Blankets

Lead Wool Blankets

  • Standard 10 and 15 lb/ft2
  • Length, width, shape, and weight can be customized to fit need
  • PVC or high temperature covers
  • Handles on all blankets 60 lb and under
  • Larger grommets for easier installation on hooks
  • Key information printed on cover with custom printing available


Serpentine Racks

  • Steel lead wool and T-Flex blanket rack
  • 3 feet wide, height adjustable from 6 feet to 8 feet
  • Collapsible legs create a 2:1 height to base ratio
  • Heavy duty swivel casters makes moving and positioning racks easy
  • Link racks together via pin connections
    • Create continuous walls of shielding of any length
    • Lock racks at 90° angles
  • Maximum capacity: 2880 lb
    • (6) layers of 15 lb/ft 2 shielding blankets
  • Unloaded Weight: 180 lb

Light Duty Racks

  • 2’ wide x 6’ tall
  • Aluminum construction
  • Two tiered.
  • Holds (2) layers of 15 lb/ft2 shield blankets
  • Link racks together via pin connections
    • Create continuous walls of shielding of any length
    • Create angles
  • Blankets overlap and hook spacing allows blankets to
    bridge from one rack to another without gaps
  • Legs fold up
  • Easy to carry grip
  • Approximate weight: 35 lb

Custom Blanket Racks

Containers And Casks

Mobile Shielded Container

  • Duke – McGuire, 2018
  • 0.5” thick steel for walls, doors, and lid
  • Caster and push handles allows the 2800 lb container to be easily moved and positioned
  • Multiple side doors and a sliding lid
  • One hasp locks all doors in place
  • Able to be rigged and lifted

Shielded Waste Drum

  • 93% Attenuation (1.75” Solid Lead, 0.5” Steel)
  • 78” inside diameter, 82” inside height
  • Hole in lid for waste disposal
  • Lockable lid – Drum can be lifted with lid attached
  • 22,300 lb total weight

Filter Cask

  • Stainless steel cask filled on all sides with 3.5” of
    solid lead to provide a better than 99.9% dose
    reduction for Co-60
  • Stores water treatment system filter
  • Split lid allows for shielding on one half while filter
    is being worked on
  • Ports on top of the lid keep workers shielded while
    nozzles are attached
  • 11.5:1 factor of safety when lifted
  • 7,500 lb total weight

T-Flex® Shielding

  • Heavy metal and silicone polymer that remains flexible while providing shielding
  • Can be molded into a variety of shapes to best fit the application
  • Tungsten
    • Most dense T-Flex material
    • Best suited for custom shapes, pipes, and magnetic tiles
  • Bismuth
    • Best suited for blankets, tiles, and slabs
  • Iron, Neutron, Boron, Stainless Steel
    • Other materials for specific applications

Lead Walls and Panels

Lead walls and panels are used for general area shielding and to create low dose waiting areas. NPO’s custom shield booths also are used to reduce background and count times with existing PCM, frisker, and hand/foot monitors. These booth structures, comprised of lead sheets encased in steel, provide the most economical and best attenuating upgrade of your existing monitors.

Engineering & Design Services

  • Structural Integrity Analyses
    • Lifting and rigging, load testing in accordance with ASME B30.20
    • Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) conducted by third party Professional Engineer (PE)
    • Determine/verify factor of safety according to BTH-1 standard
    • Seismic analysis based on plant requirements
      and accelerations

Engineering Services

  • Monte-Carlo N Particle (MCNP)
    • Simulate the effects of sources on the general area and produce expected doses
    • Validate shielding designs against current
  • Laser Scanning, RadVision3D

FEA reports include:

  • Stress plots
  • Factor of Safety
  • Deflection