myOSLraser is a small OSL reader for dose measurements in combination with our passive OSL dosimeter called myOSL. State-of-art components, modern design and a user-friendly operating interface provide an excellent performance.
The myOSLraser (reader+eraser) is designed to read the dose of each dosimeter without erasing the complete signal. Remaining dose signal can be used for a second readout. Additionally it is possible to erase the myOSL dosimeter directly after the dose measurement if a second readout is not required to apply each myOSL dosimeter immediately for a next wearing period.
myOSLraser will be available as a single read out unit (one-by-one) or with an
automatic feeder to process up to 200 myOSL dosimeter per loading.



Technical Specifications
Capacity 1 myOSL dosimeter1
(myOSLraser manual version)
Up to 200 myOSL dosimeter
(myOSLraser automatic version)
Processing speed (reading) >200 dosimeter per hour
Processing speed (erasing) >100 dosimeter by a dose of few mSv
OSL stimulation Blue light – 480nm
Erasing unit 4 bleaching LEDs
Mechanics designed for >2 million movements
System stability Controlled by high stability reference
light source
User interface myOSLstudio software running on a
seperate PC
Dimension 300x230x200 mm
Weight ca. 13kg (manual version)
ca. 18kg (automatic version)
Data interface Ethernet (IP device) – network
Voltage 100-240 VDC 50/60 Hz
Environment conditions +10°C to +40°C