Containers And Casks



Mobile Shielded Container

  • Duke – McGuire, 2018
  • 0.5” thick steel for walls, doors, and lid
  • Caster and push handles allows the 2800 lb container to be easily moved and positioned
  • Multiple side doors and a sliding lid
  • One hasp locks all doors in place
  • Able to be rigged and lifted

Shielded Waste Drum

  • 93% Attenuation (1.75” Solid Lead, 0.5” Steel)
  • 78” inside diameter, 82” inside height
  • Hole in lid for waste disposal
  • Lockable lid – Drum can be lifted with lid attached
  • 22,300 lb total weight

Filter Cask

  • Stainless steel cask filled on all sides with 3.5” of
    solid lead to provide a better than 99.9% dose
    reduction for Co-60
  • Stores water treatment system filter
  • Split lid allows for shielding on one half while filter
    is being worked on
  • Ports on top of the lid keep workers shielded while
    nozzles are attached
  • 11.5:1 factor of safety when lifted
  • 7,500 lb total weight

T-Flex® Shielding

  • Heavy metal and silicone polymer that remains flexible while providing shielding
  • Can be molded into a variety of shapes to best fit the application
  • Tungsten
    • Most dense T-Flex material
    • Best suited for custom shapes, pipes, and magnetic tiles
  • Bismuth
    • Best suited for blankets, tiles, and slabs
  • Iron, Neutron, Boron, Stainless Steel
    • Other materials for specific applications