T-Flex® Shielding

Ribbon Wrap

Highly flexible strips. These ribbons can be spiral wrapped around components for a quick “hot spot” solution. Standard length is 8 feet and material can be easily cut in the field using typical cutting tools

T-Flex® Shielding

Pipe Shielding

Ideal for small bore pipe applications. Engineered to be within weight limitations while maximizing attenuation. Cinch straps are include for each section of pipe shielding.

T-Flex® Shielding

Floor Shielding

Designed to provide economical and ergonomic solutions for shielding sources below. Each tile combines the attenuation properties of T-Flex® with the durability of a work mat. They also can be cut for in field adjustments. The floor shielding features a non-slip diamond tread surface

  • Dry Cask Platforms
  • Scorpion Platforms
  • Refuel Bridge
  • RCP Platform

T-Flex® Shielding

Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic tiles cling to any carbon steel surface allowing for a variety of applications. Each tiles installs easily and quickly and is removed by pulling a D-ring. They are available with magnets strong enough for use under RX head.

T-Flex® Shielding


An alternative to lead blankets, similar attenuation characteristics without the lead hazard. T-Flex Blankets can be cut in the field using a utility knife, but can stand up to normal wear and tear. Increased flexibility over a standard lead blanket allows for wrapping shielding closer to the source and easier handling characteristics.

T-Flex® Shielding


The non-toxic T-Flex® Beaker and Vial Shields provide a convenient method of reducing extremity dose when using radioactive solutions in laboratory environments. Transport and store beakers and vials either on an individual basis or all together in a rolling case.

T-Flex® Shielding


The silicone base for T-Flex allows for complex and custom shapes. Custom molded shapes allows the shielding to get nearest to the source as possible and be more effective at reducing the overall dose.

T-Flex® Shielding

Dry Cask Shielding

T-Flex® dry cask composite shielding is designed to tackle both neutron and gamma sources associated with dry cask operations. T-Flex is an excellent gamma and neutron attenuator and this shielding is supplemented by an additional neutron attenuator such a borated polyethylene.

Gamma Attenuation

Gamma Attenuation by type of material

The physics of gamma radiation shielding and the attenuating impact of available shielding materials can be distilled down to “mass-in-the-path”. For gamma energies approaching Cobalt-60 (1.25 MeV), achieving 50% attenuation or half-value-layer (hvl) will have very similar weights per unit area. What will vary is the thickness of the material necessary to achieve the desired attenuation.

Reasons To Choose T-FLEX

Highly Flexible

Infinitely Customizable

Corrosion Resistant

Lead (Pb) Free

High suction rate

Types Of T-Flex®