myOSL dosimeter

myOSL dosimeter is probably the smallest personal dosimeter based on OSL technology. The dosimeter contains 2 BeO detectors which provides accurate monitoring of X-rays/gamma rays of Hp(10) according to IEC-62387. The energy range will be from 16keV to several MeV.
Each dosimeter has its own number and can be pre-calibrated from production site. The myOSL dosimeter can be read in the manual or automatic OSL reader called myOSLraser (reader + eraser).



Technical Specifications
Dose range 0.05mSv – 10Sv
Dose linearity up to 10Sv
Energy response 16keV to several MeV
Angular response ±60°
OSL material 2x BeO detectors
Identification individual barcode
Dimension (without Blister) ca. 33*22*5mm
Dimension (standard Holder) ca. 56*34*10mm
Dimension (standard Blister) ca. 44*40*6mm
Blister properties • single use
• waterproof
• small & light
• mounting hole for clip
• place for a label on rear & front side
Holder properties • multiple use
• small & light
• mounting hole for clip or hanger
• different colours
• place for a lable on front & rear side
• possible to keep closed with plastic