The PED-IS as intrinsically (IS) personal dosimeter which is perfect for both radiation specialists and those who do not work with radiation on a daily basis. It is safe to use in potentially explosive environments and it is robust and reliable, making it ideal for challenging conditions.

The PED-IS is suitable for:

  • Emergency Services & First Responders (CBRNe)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Mining
  • Medical & Life Sciences
  • NDT.


The benefits of using the PED=IS are:

  • It is intrinsically safe so there is no need for a hot work permit
    The dosimeter has one of the largest memories on the market, which means it reduces the risk of radiation exposure data being overwritten when the memory is full
  • The dosimeter is easy to read with a large Amoled display screen
  • Icons and one touch operation of the dosimeter means it is simple to use and there is no need to continually refer to the user manual
  • The dosimeter is very flexible as you can choose from 3 radiation measurement modes and four different radiation alarm settings
  • You can wear the dosimeter for measuring radiation exposure in all weathers due to the ingress protection rating
  • You can wear to dosimeter several ways as the screen can be flipped