BAB – Alpha Beta Air Monitor

The BAB air monitoring beacon is specially designed for the continuous monitoring of α & β artificial radioactive aerosols concentration combined with radon progenies and ambient gamma radiation.

Continuous alpha & beta particulates monitor

The alpha beta air monitor is used in nuclear facilities and provides continuous measurement and monitoring of atmospheric contamination from radioactive aerosols, including compensation of radon progenies for more accuracy. All data measured from the BAB beacons are displayed in real time or available remotely.

The BAB air monitoring beacons are available in two different versions:

  • BAB-A7 version is specially designed for work station monitoring during maintenance operations or in dismantling work sites, where man-made noise immunity is highly recommended. BAB-A7 is available for stationary or mobile use.
  • BAB-E exists as stationary version for outside use, and will be typically used for surveillance around nuclear facilities or for national monitoring.



Bertin Instruments offers a broad range of sensors and turnkey network solutions for all tasks related to the monitoring of radiation in the environment including gamma dose rate measurement, spectroscopic analysis and air monitoring.

Probes and stations have been developed and optimized thanks to Saphymo’s expertise to provide customers with state-of-the-art instrumentation for ring monitoring around nuclear facilities, area monitoring, nationwide early warning systems and mobile & quick deployment solutions.

Radiation type:

  • α and β

Detector type:

  • large area dual silicon diode, 2 x 360 mm²

Energy range:

  • α: 2 to 10 MeV – β: 80 keV to 2 MeV, adjustable artificial α ROI (adjustable in factory on request)

Temperature range:

  • BAB-A7: +5°C to +45°C (41°F to 113°F)
  • BAB-E: -20 °C to +45°C (-4°F to 113°F) with air conditioning

Compliance with CEM norms:

  • EMI emission: EN 61000-6-4
  • EMI immunity: EN 61000-4-3, Level 3

β measuring range:

  • 10-2 to 5.104 Bq/m³

α measuring range:

  • 10-3 to 5.104 Bq/m³

Display units:

  • Bq/m³, µGy/h

Sampling volume:

  • 5 m³/h


  • Automatic ambient gamma background compensation and Radon progenies


  • Internal shielding for use in high gamma background level


  • Acoustic and optic signals


  • Large dimension LCD screen
  • TFT 5.6″ 320xRGBx234 stripe 32k


  • 92h for graphs and 21 days for measurements

Data format:

  • JBUS Modbus protocol


  • 2 x RS485, RJ45, ShortLINK or SkyLINK (radio)


  • External gamma probe

  • Can be used in controlled areas with high gamma background
  • Compensation of radon progenies
  • Use of standard sources for efficiency controls
  • Ruggedized, can be used on dismantling and purification sites
  • Available as stationary or mobile version
  • Can be connected to a central monitoring network and trigger a general alarm

  • The radioactive dust is deposited by air suction on a filter paper placed in the BAB beacons.
  • The suction flow rate is about 5 m3/h (it depends on dustiness and type of filter paper).
  • The flow rate is calculated from the depression measured between the filter and the pump. This allows to detect any tear or dust clogging.
  • Placed one centimeter above the sample, the detection system is based on two 300 μm thick silicon diodes with a surface of 360 mm2.
  • The analog signal from the two diodes is amplified by a preamplifier with an output range of about 30mV/MeV.
  • An amplifier increases the signal amplitude to 0.7V/MeV, and the signal is then used to produce the energy spectrum via an amplitude analyzer that encodes information to 512 channels.

  • Detector head lead shielded for use in high gamma background

Wireless data link, (ShortLINK or SkyLINK radio)

  • Effluent sampling and release
  • Remote local unit BAL-2
  • GJNOV software for local maintenance and data acquisition
  • Gamma GM-N probe for dose rate monitoring

Reasons To Choose BAB – Air Monitoring Beacon

Gamma background and Radon / Thoron discrimination

Large Si detector

Real time monitoring

Ruggerized beacon

High suction rate