The PED Blue is suitable for:

  • Emergency Services & First Responders(CBRNe)
  • Medical & Life Sciences
  • Nuclear
  • NDT
  • Industrial
  • Oil and Gas Safe Zones.


The Tacerco PED-ER, suitable for personnel working in radiography and NOT, as well as those working as first responders, is a rugged and robust, lightweight and easy to use, personal electronic dosimeter, for effectively monitoring, measuring and managing radiation exposure.

With an extended dose rate range of up to 100R/h and the ability to record and provide accumulated dose via the large, clear display and intutive graphical user interface(GUI), the PED-ER provides a reliable dosimetry management solution for the most challenging radiation monitoring situations.

The PED-ER has been designed to keep things simple, With one button operation and an easy to follow menu system, the device can be easily operated with no training needed. Audio and visual alarms with vibration functionally, also ensure that personnel are immediately notified if a set dose rate is reached or exceeded.