Wdms monitoring and disposal system for radioactive waste waters


The WDMS NT-VK system is designed to collect and monitor radioactive wastewaters, which can be released only after their radioactivity drops below a defined value.

NT: Number of Tanks, indicates how many decay tanks are used in the system

VK: Volume in Kiloliters, indicates the volume of each decay tank expressed in kiloliters


The WDMS NT-VK main components are the following:

  • Purification group: Imhoff tanks designed to collect the wastewaters coming from the wards and to separate liquid from solid waste
  • Sorting group: pumps and conduits system designed to pour the wastewaters in the decay tanks
  • Decay group: decay tanks array to hold and stock the wastewaters until their radioactive level drops below a defined value
  • Sampling system: valves and pumps to perform the washing of the sampling circuit and the sampling of the stocked wastewaters, allowing the measurement in Marinelli geometry
  • Release group: depending on the monitoring results, the wastewaters contained in the sampled tank can be released in the sewers
  • Safety groups and devices: they mainly consist in guard levels – installed in all the system critical stages – which stop the wastewaters flow in case of detected anomaly, and a safety flooding well which can collect and stock wastewaters potentially overflowing from any system group

The entire system is locally managed by a PLC, which is commanded by a remote management software installed on a PC.

Through the interactive synoptic interface of the software the operator can activate the system automatic cycles, set the measurement parameters, visualize the alarms and release archives, and monitor the system’s status (filling levels, pump stages, measurements, alarms). Depending on the measurement results, and as defined by the procedures in force, the operator can also activate the monitored wastewaters release in the sewers.

Additional information

Main features:

Fully customizable system according to specific requirements
Automatic system managed by remote PC
Detector: 2”x2” NaI(Tl) with MCA
Measurement geometry: Marinelli beaker
Lead shielding well
Release pumps
Safety devices against flooding
Power supply switchboard with PLC and local emergency push-button
Remote management software with virtual emergency button