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Reliable and acurate TLD oven
The TLD annealing oven TLD Heat has specially been developed for thermoluminescent dosimetry. It is used for the annealing of TLDs before irradiation and for preheating after irradiation and before reading by a TLD reader. The stainless steel heating chamber with air circulation is characterized by its excellent temperature uniformity. Reproducible heating and cooling cycles are essential for thermoluminescent dosimeters to maintain constant sensitivity and low background readings.




Handling Devices for TLD Elements
Accurate handling and storage of TLD elements avoids contamination or mechanical damage of the material. Typical handling devices are vacuum tweezers and storage dish. For oven annealing the storage and annealing tray is used.

Annealing tray and storage dish have the same size and number of recesses for easy transfer of material.


The Worldwide Standard for Quality Assurance for Radiation Therapy The Alderson Radiation Therapy phantom (ART) and its earlier version, the Alderson RANDO phantom, have been in use for over 30 years. The ART has been refined and improved in both design and materials. These phantoms are indispensable quality-assurance tools; about 10,000 are in use all over the world. They provide integrated tests of the entire chain of treatment planning and delivery. ART phantoms are molded of tissue-equivalent material; they are designed within highly sophisticated technological constraints and follow ICRU-44 standards. They are also designed for accuracy and ease of use.

“Other RSD phantom models on request”


High purity N2 Generator for TL-Measurements
The nitrogen gas generators employ robust, field proven technology to produce ultra-high purity nitrogen for life science, chemical analysis and spectroscopy applications. Flow rates range from 5 L/min to 12.5 L/min, with purities from >98% to >99.999%.

The generators provide a continuous stream of ultra-high purity nitrogen from a single ‘plug & play’ unit. Models are available with and without an integral oil free compressor, are extremely quiet in operation and are fully approved for use by major instrumentation manufacturers.