Sensitive Gamma Probe

The Radiological Detection System (RDS) Sensitive Gamma Probe detects photon (gamma and x-ray) radiation. Its high sensitivity makes it ideal for detecting low levels of radiation. Paired with the RDS Base Unit, the Sensitive Gamma Probe is ideal for search operations to locate gamma radiation sources. The probe measures the exposure rate over a broad range of energies.


Mission Survey for gamma radiation
Detector Type NaI (TI) 1.125” x 1.5” Scintillator
Dose Rate Units Count Rate – cpm, cps. Exposure Rate – µR/hr
Detection Range Gamma range – 50 – 5000 µR/hr Gamma energy range – 30 keV – 1.5 MeV
Used For Gamma and X-ray
Gamma Sensitivity 300 cpm/µR/hr for Cs-137, 140 cpm/µR/hr Co-60
Alarms Saved in Base Unit memory
Background (0.25 µSv/hr) 60 cpm with shield, 100 cpm without shield
Display RDS Base Unit
Power Supplied by RDS Base Unit
Dimensions 12.49″ x 1.95″ x 1.65″
Weight 1.3 lb. (.59 kg)

Additional information

Sensitive Gamma Probe Features:

Gamma emitters detection & measurement

NaI (TI) 1.125 x 1.5 Scintillation detector


Part of the RDS radiation detecting probe family

Calibration and firmware upgrades via the Data Exchange Console

Base Unit to probe connector cable can be used with any probe

Durable, easy-to-use ergonomic design

Robust cable connections

Smart Capability as a smart probe

Designed and tested for military ruggedness to meet both military/defense requirements and industrial applications

As a smart probe, the Sensitive Gamma Probe contains a microprocessor and High Voltage circuitry for creating its own high voltage. No high voltage is transferred across the interface cable. When connected to the Base Unit, the display will show the probe’s image and radiation measurement—the probe’s onboard memory stores the probe type and calibration information