Saturn- Gamma Scaler Ratemeter


The SATURN ratemeter is a compact acquisition and control unit, designed for managing and processing signals from the connected detector.


The SATURN ratemeter is available in 3 versions:

  • SATURN I RTM-WM, designed to be wall mounted, by means of its supporting lugs
  • SATURN I RTM, designed to be installed inside a 19” rack 2U
  • SATURN II, alternative wall-mounting version designed to be compliant with “Good Manufacturing Practice” requirements: the ratemeter is installed inside a special housing that allows to fit also the detector (typically a GM-1 or a MERCURY GMP WR probe) when necessary, so that no external cable or connection is visible.

The unit continuously acquires and processes data coming from the detector and compares results with user defined internally stored threshold parameters.

The ratemeter is equipped with LEDs, internal acoustic buzzer and relays, used to issue warnings related to failure, alarm or prealarm conditions.

Two user-selected measurements can be displayed at the same time on the ratemeter display, including: istantaneous or average count rate, dose rate, activity concentration; counts, dose or activity integrated values.

Measurements, alarm/prealarm thresholds and operating parameters are stored into an internal, non-volatile memory. The user can set thresholds and parameters through an external keyboard; advanced parameters are password protected.

Each SATURN ratemeter can be connected to any of the following detectors:

  • Geiger detector GM-1
  • Geiger detector MERCURY GMP WR
  • Neutron detector LUPIN
  • Ionisation chamber ICP-T

The ratemeter can communicate and be managed by a host PC through an Ethernet network or RS485 thanks to the 5700 sMON control software.

Additional Info

Main features:

  • Compatible with all ELSE NUCLEAR detectors
  • High reliability
  • Advanced user interface
  • Data display on alphanumeric LCD screen
  • Continuous management of data coming from the connected detector
  • Internal archive of acquired data
  • Luminous and acoustic signalling of good operation, alarm and prealarm conditions
  • Interfaces available for data communication: Ethernet, serial RS232, RS485, RS422
  • External keyboard for parameter settings
  • Connectable to host PC with software for remote management