MHOS HWM-P Gamma Contamination Monitor for Nuclear Waste


The MHOS gamma monitors are specifically designed to measure the radioactive contamination level in hospital waste carried by small containers.


MHOS HWM-P: Allows to detect contaminated material passing through the passageway defined by the two columns, which serve as support for the detectors. Data expressed in cps.

MHOS HWM-S: Performs a static measurement of the material, which is positioned directly upon the scale; by doing so, the measurement is automatically started. The weight and activity data are then elaborated to provide the radioactive concentration, expressed in Bq or Bq/g.

The acquisition and processing electronics is housed in the detector columns, directly connected to the detectors.

Through the touch screen panel PC, the operator can easily use the visualization software and manage the data, as well as the measurement parameters.

In every model the user can set the activity threshold; when alarms or anomalies occur, it is signaled through luminous and acoustic warnings, on the display and also by an integrated LED alarm beacon with siren.

The MHOS monitors are able to perform high sensitivity measurements, minimizing the false-negative and false-positive events. The measurement is continuous, performed accordingly to a pre-set integration time.

The HWM-P can detect activity concentrations <1 Bq/g in 15 kg of material.

The HWM-S can detect concentrations <1 Bq/g in 5 kg of material with a 30 seconds measurement.

The monitors perform an automatic subtraction of the environmental background. Each alarm event is archived and displayed in a graphical form.

MHOS HWM-S is equipped with printers, which produce a report label of each measurement (green or red for non-contaminated and contaminated waste, respectively).

The MHOS monitors have also an auto-diagnosis feature which controls continuously the electronics status.

Additional information

Main features:

Highly adaptable systems
Fast and accurate scan
Simple user interface
Detectors: plastic scintillators
Acquisition, analysis and visualization of data through a touch screen panel PC
Activity concentration calculation (HWM-S)
Automatic background subtraction
Storage and/or print of alarm and malfunction events
Optional thin window for beta-gamma monitoring (HWM-S)