Lem- Liquid Effluent Monitoring System


The LEM system allows to sample the liquid effluents and to perform a gross gamma measurement of the specific activity in Marinelli geometry.


LEM system is composed of the following main parts:

  • Stainless steel support structure
  • Electrical and command board with panel PC integrated in the stand
  • Measurement system: NaI(Tl) detector, electronics for HV and signal processing, 1 l Marinelli, 5 cm lead shielding well
  • Self-priming pump
  • Software for system management, data acquisition and processing

The system is equipped with a touch-screen operator panel, where the ELSE NUCLEAR software is installed.

The software displays in real time the measurement, controls the system status, and allows to set the operative parameters (including the alarm thresholds), to manage the measurement steps. The system provides I/O contacts for:

  • Good functioning status
  • Alarm status
  • Pump activation input from customer PLC
  • Available I/O contact for specific requirements

The software is equipped with a routine for quality control, to be used with the test source optionally provided with the system.

The system displays the specific and the total activity, or the count rate and integrated counts.

Additional information

Main features:

Simple and reliable effluent monitoring system
Fully customizable sampling cycle on the customer PLC
I/O contacts for status and commands
Measurement geometry: 1 liter Marinelli beaker
Detector type: 2”x2” Nal(Tl) scintillator
Lead shielding well, 5 cm thickness
Panel PC and relay contacts for I/O signals
Efficiency calibration function for reference radionuclide
Energy range: 150 keV – 2 MeV
Measurement range: 3.7 x 103 – 3.7 x 108 Bq/l