Extremity-Eye and Finger Dosimeters

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Finger ring dosimeter

TLD Finger Ring dosemeter for all applications in extremity dosimetry:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Usable under surgical gloves
  • Officially approved by the PTB disinfect able and cold sterilize able?
  • Perfect radiation protection, inexpensive, leading in technology

Two different types for gamma or beta-gamma radiation are available.



EYE-D dosimeter

TLD Eye lens dosimeter
There is evidence that eye lens doses are high in interventional radiology and cases of cataracts have been reported in recent years. Individual dosemeters carried on the trunk are unable to

correctly measure the eye lens doses. EYE-D ™ allows for precise measurements of radiation doses to eye lens, also in case when protective glasses are used.

In EYE-D ™ the proven and reliable high-sensitive thermoluminescence detectors MCP-N (LiF:Mg,Cu,P) are applied, which assure the good energy – response and broad dose range between at least 10 μSv and 10 Sv.

Calibration and testing of dosemeters were performed on cylindrical water phantom 20 cm diameter, 20 cm height with 0.5 cm PMMA walls.

The EYE-D ™ dosemeter was developed, optimized and tested within the ORAMED (Optimization of RAdiation protection for MEDical staff) project funded by EU-EURATOM within the 7th Framework Programme