Data Expert 10 Radiological Software Monitoring Networks

DataEXPERT 10 is a web-based data management solution for extensive radiological monitoring networks.

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DataEXPERT 10 is a software solution for collecting, managing, charting and evaluating data measured by sensors from Bertin Instruments and other brands. It is at the core of extensive environmental radiation monitoring systems.

This user friendly solution offers a powerful web-based interface available on computers, laptops, but also for mobile use on tablets and smartphones. The software shows the data in charts or tables, and with static or dynamic GIS map layers.

DataEXPERT eases the system management by showing all technical and radiological events of the connected probes. The users have access to the system overview, and all instruments parameters can be adjusted with remote setup functions.

Data Expert 10 Software

  • Collect automatically data – stored into SQL data base
  • Analysis, visualization and reporting of measurement data
  • Alarm threshold management and warning, local and remote alarms (Email/SMS)
  • Profile authorization management for probe and software configuration
  • Management of the data base

Data Expert Online Management Software:

Visualization of the probes: At staric or dynamic maps

Visualization of the data: Visualization of the network radiological and quality ststus, chart and tables

Report function Create tabular report to compare data from several stations, specified time step, parameter an period.

Remote configuration: Set parameters of saveral all monitors simultaneously

Export function Various export functionalities (xis,xml,IRIX,N42.42,customized,…)

Disperdion modeling software


Display of current and historical measurement data on a GLS map

Replication and redundent servers for high availability

Data Expert Redundancy Options

Web Access To Data Expert 10

Profile authorization management

Extensive web based analysis and visualization module for DataEXPERT central data management system

Data presentation in charts and tables using standard browser

GIS visualization using dynamic maps (OSM, Google or BING)

Operating system:

  • Installation on computer or server with MS Windows (all versions)

Web browser supported:

  • Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome for computers. Reponsive design for tablet and smartphone displays


  • MS SQL

Instruments supported:

  • All Bertin Instruments probes and sensors (other sensors on demand)

Type of maps:

  • Static or dynamic GIS maps

Customized export format:

  • xml, IRIX, xls, N42.42

DataEXPERT 10 is compatible with all MS Windows versions and includes a web-based browser interface available on mobile devices (tablet, mobile phones) for more flexibility. Its easy and fast access does not require any installation on customer devices.

  • Remote setup functions are available in option to adjust measurement probes and sensors.
  • Compatible with all Bertin Instruments probes, the system can also manage sensors from other brands.
  • TBased on tables, charts, gamma spectrum and GIS maps, its attractive data display helps users get a fast and proper reaction in case of trouble.

DataEXPERT 10 software is the core of extensive environmental radiation monitoring systems. This sophisticated solution allows data collection, management, charting & evaluation. Compatible with all Bertin Instruments & other companies’ probes, the systems is also working with all type of data transmission (local, radio, satellite /4G/web…). The data are collected on a MS SQL database and transmitted to a central database. Export and storage are then done on a secured server. DataEXPERT 10 has a web browser interface supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, or others. Its responsive design is compatible for use on tablet and smartphone to display static or dynamic GIS maps.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Dispersion modelling
  • Remote setup functions

Reasons To Choose Data Expert 10 Software

Dedicated software for environmental radiation monitoring networks

Web-based user friendly interface for data visualization on mobile devices

Compatible with all MS windows versions

Remote setup of measurement probes & sensors