CPMON Air Particulate Monitor Area Monitoring


The CPMON monitoring station hosts an ion chamber based gamma monitoring unit NAUSICAA IC-T and/or alpha/beta air particulate monitor, as well as the electronics and the power storage batteries, linked to the solar panels installed on the top of the station.

Each station communicates with a central host PC through a radio connection.

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The cabins are dimensioned to accommodate the required equipment, and are provided with proper insulation and ventilation necessary to ensure the best thermal conditions, as well as protection from rain. The access structures such as doors and stairs are designed to ensure high safety levels

Solar panels are connected to the instruments through a charge controller. In daytime, the solar panels charge the power storage batteries for guaranteeing overnight operation.

The CPMON is particularly suited to perform environmental monitoring, being designed to house several kind of detectors and instrumentation, all managed by a user-friendly remote software.

The stations can be linked together to form a monitoring network.

The connection is established via radio directional antenna mounted on the cabins, and omni-directional antennas for reception / transmission from the host PC. The 5700 sMON software installed on the host PC enables the management overview of the whole monitoring system, displaying in real time the values of dose rate, the alpha-beta activity concentration and the status of monitors. The data are stored in history files on a daily basis and saved to disk, and can be viewed and printed at any time. If it finds an alarm, the local unit transmits the data immediately, updated every second, without waiting for the query.

Please refer to specific data sheet of the ion chamber-based gamma radiation monitoring unit NAUSICAA IC-T and management software for environmental systems 5700 sMON for further details.

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