Key Features:

❖ Remote Operation
❖ 3D Spectral Analysis
❖ Manual or robot deployable approach
❖ Map, Measure, Characterize Radioactivity in confined spaces


The spectrometer sits inside a lead collimator block which shields the detector from the ambient gamma field. Gamma photons are only accepted via the collimator slit at the front of the device, which has a small solid angle. This angle can be reduced further using lead (Pb) or tungsten (W) collimator inserts to further narrow the acceptance aperture to a small pencil beam, which improves the device’s spatial resolution and reduces the count rate at the same time.

Protected Remote Isotopic Analysis System (RIAS) structures the center innovation of our new Cell Characterization framework- CC-RIAS.
This framework was grown explicitly for helping atomic decommissioning, with help from InnovateUK.
The CC-RIAS gives the capacity to guide, gauge and portray radioactivity in restricted or hard to enter places, along these lines improving the nature of information required for arranging and undertaking plant decommissioning. By more precisely understanding the area of any radiation dangers the hazard to workers can be decreased.