Caronte Conveyor Belt Gamma Contamination Monitor


The CARONTE gamma contamination monitor is designed to easily measure the radioactivity level of small objects such as boxes, tools or laundry bags.


The materials to be monitored are placed on one side of the conveyor belt, which is activated by PLC commands. The mechanical cycle and the measurement procedure are entirely controlled by the remote software, in automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode the conveyor belt is constantly moving, and a set of three photocells allows the software to know the object position and properly manage the conveyor motion.

If the alarm thresholds are exceeded, a proper visual and acoustic indication will be activated.

The automatic cycle consists in the following three stages:

1) The object length is determined by means of the first photocell, placed before the detectors

2) The object is moved in the measurement area, where the contamination level is determined: the software performs the data acquisition for a preset time. If the object is longer than the measurement area, consecutive steps are performed until the entire length of the object is scanned.

3) The object is carried at the end of the conveyor belt, which automatically stops for removal. The cycle is automatically resumed.

The 4 detectors are mounted in a tunnel-shape configuration: two at the side, one under the conveyor (inside a drawer), and one at the top. The upper detector can be vertically moved to adapt to the object dimensions. The detectors are shielded with lead on the external sides, to minimize the environmental background contribution to the measurement.

CARONTE is mounted on 4 blocking wheels, so it can be easily positioned and moved according to the customer needs.

Additional information

Main features:

Fast contamination monitoring of small tools
Automatic scanning cycle
High counting efficiency
Detectors: 4 shielded plastic scintillators
Upper detector: adjustable position along the vertical
Wheel-mounted structure
Automatic, photocell-surveyed monitoring cycle
MDA (Co-60): down to 200 Bq (10 s)