Box Counter Gamma Tool Monitor

Contamination Monitor For Small Items

The BOX COUNTER system is designed to perform a fast gamma contamination check of laundry, waste bags, tools and other small objects.


Measurement results, alarms and malfunctions are displayed by the control console as well as the alarm unit.
The BOX COUNTER system can be easily moved and relocated by the user thanks to 4 pivoting and lockable wheels. The mechanical structure is made of stainless steel, all internal and external surfaces are specifically designed to be easily cleaned and decontaminated.

The 70x70x83 cm measuring chamber is accessible through 4 side doors. Up to six detectors can be installed, 4 in the doors, 1 in the top and 1 in the bottom side.

The available versions are:

2U – two detectors each installed in a side door
4U – four detectors each installed in a side door
6U – six detectors, four of which installed in the side doors, and two in the upper and lower sides of the measuring chamber

The detectors are large plastic scintillators, shielded with 10 mm lead sheets, in order to minimize the environmental radiation background. The system can reach an MDA as low as 4 kBq (Cs-137) in 10 seconds.
The control console consists in a touch-screen PC installed on the top of the system, equipped with an ELSE NUCLEAR management software.

The software allows to:

activate the measurements
analyze, display and save the measurement data
set the operational parameters such as alarm thresholds, detector enabling and calibration factors
activate, mute and reset the alarm and malfunction statuses through relay switches
perform a quality check to verify the proper functioning of the system

Additional information

Main features:

Fast and accurate contamination measurements
Fully accessible measurement chamber
Movable system for easy relocation
Detectors: up to 6 large plastic scintillators
Easy decontamination of internal and external surfaces
Measuring chamber: 70x70x83 cm
Ethernet connection available for data exporting