Accessories & Auxiliary Equipment


Telescoping Probe Handle

The telescoping probe handle is used to extend the Beta-Photon probe for surveying spaces out of reach.

AC Power Adapter

The AC Power Adapter supplies external power when needed. The Base Unit is also powered by four AA batteries.

Cs-137 Gamma Check Source

Gamma radiation detection sealed disc test and check source (Radionuclides Cs-137, 1 μCi).

Data Exchange Console

This is used to download data from the base unit to a laptop via a smart cable and an ethernet cable.

Base Unit to Probe Cable

This cable connects the Base Unit to any probe enabling the Base Unit to communicate with each probe.

Aluminum Clad Shield

The shield is used with the ABG Pancake Probe to block radiation coming from the top and sides.

Transit Cases

Rugged and durable cases to keep equipment protected and secured during transportation.

Utility Pouches & Probe Straps

Utility pouches for Base Unit and probes. Shoulder straps for use with the Neutron and FIDLER Probes.