Contamination Control in Health Sector

Numerous pharmaceutical industries, health and research facilities use radioactive sources on a daily basis for treatment or as radioactive tracer.

Therefore, the staff are inevitably exposed to a risk of contamination which needs to be controlled.

The workers involved are various: radiopharmacists, radiographer and everyone in contact with exposed individual and surfaces.

Various types of contamination may occur: internal contamination (inhalation, ingestion, injuries) or external contamination through direct contact with radioactive sources.

Contamination Control

In order, to reduce the general risk of contamination and to improve the safety of staff and patients, Bertin has developed a radioactive contamination control system which detects alpha, beta and gamma radiation: the SaphyRAD.

This new contamination meter is equipped with a visual alarm, a proximity sensor along with a full range of probes which allows it to adapt to all surfaces (31 cm2 or 100/170 cm2) and to detect all types of radioactivity (total count αβγ or separated count α and βγ) by direct control or smear sample.

Contamination Control in Health Sector

A radioelement library is integrated into the SaphyRAD, up to 30 cuztomizable nuclides : for example, the user selects the element to be measured (125I, 99mTc etc.), carries out a radioactive package control and can compare his measurement to regulatory threshold value.

Contamination Control in Health Sector

A floor stand is also available and allows a quick and effective hand-foot check.

Robust and ergonomic, the SaphyRAD is adapted to the use by non-specialist.


SaphyRAD is a multi-probes, handheld contamination meter designed to control the alpha, beta, gamma radioactive contamination in both medical field and sectors related to the use of radioactivity.

Intuitive and ergonomic, it can be handled. by non-specialist operators for a simple and efficient control.

Contamination Control in Health Sector