Characterizing Waste in Radioactive Drums

The accumulation and subsequent removal of biohazardous waste has become an increasing problem for nuclear power plants. As this problem persists, SciWise Solutions with their technology partner ELSE Nuclear continue to develop more cost effective and efficient ways in addressing the issue of characterizing radioactive waste in drums dispatched from decommissioned nuclear power plants.

Radioactive Waste is any waste (liquid, gaseous or solid) that contains a nuclear substance that exceeds a limit set by the governing body. An important factor to note is that this waste must be declared as having reached its life cycle and been deemed to have no foreseeable use.

Nuclear waste can be extremely harmful to the environment. It is paramount that there are technologies that accurately and efficiently identify potential biohazardous waste materials located within decommissioned nuclear power plants. A decommissioned nuclear power plant is a power plant that has ceased its operations entirely. This means that the power plant must be cleaned up and demolished so that the site can be developed for different uses.


SciWise Solutions is committed to the development and implementation of radiation monitoring instruments such as the EASYSCAN. This radioactive measurement device is integral to characterizing and removing biohazardous waste from decommissioned nuclear power plant drums. EASYSCAN is a precision-based NaI system that employs the use of gamma-ray spectroscopy to characterize radioactive materials contained in waste drums. This solution complements pre-existing HPGe (High Purity Geranium) radiation monitoring devices with newer, more accurate NaI-based systems such as EASY SCAN. This is a new and innovative technology that can help nuclear power plants comprehensively and accurately characterize radioactive materials contained in their waste drums.

Traditionally, nuclear power plants have turned to other methods to solve the problem of identifying and removing radioactive waste from decommissioned nuclear power plants. Radiation detection instruments such as EASY SCAN are more efficient than traditional HPGe (High Purity Geranium) radioactive measurement devices. In comparison, NaI-based radiation monitoring equipment is much faster at completing this task than HPGe devices; finishing the waste identification task in 15 minutes. Radiation detector devices such as EASY SCAN do not need to be reassembled – they can be transported directly to the new site saving companies time and money. NaI-based radioactive measurement devices are more cost-effective than traditional HPGe radioactive measurement devices.